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Swim Caps CEH

Center for Environmental Health (CEH) finds cancer-causing chemical in Swim Cap In the fleeting moments, before the Olympic Swimmers take their marks, their brains race through all their training, mental preparation, and previous races. The last aspect of the race they should be focusing on is the swim caps on their head. This year has been a tumultuous experience for many Olympians and dedicated viewers alike. Earlier in the season, The International Swimming Federation (FINA) outlawed the use of SoulCaps…

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Workout bands have become an everyday necessity to the quarantine workout lifestyle. They are easy to use, lightweight, effective, and apparently, chemically toxic. Recent testing has shown that popular workout brands such as Adidas, Go Fit, and AmazonBasics have been selling products that have cancer-causing nitrosamines as a result of their latex processing. With the products’ increasing popularity, it is quite concerning that a tool oriented at helping your health could be harming you.  Nitrosamines are by no means a…

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Poor air quality is the biggest environmental health risk in America. But not every neighborhood is created equal. Across the country, communities of color disproportionately bear the burden of carcinogens, fine particulate matter, and chemicals in the air they breathe every day. For decades, the predominantly Latinx community of Paramount, California was exposed to the heavy metal hex chrome in their own neighborhood. Hex chrome is a chemical known to cause cancer, birth defects, and damage to virtually any vital…

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